Venue: SXSW Sydney, NSW
Date: 18 - 22 October 2023


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Get access to a huge variety of experiences within the SXSW Sydney Games Festival – including live playthroughs, product launches, performances, screenings, hands-on demos, parties and so much more. An expansive realm of gaming experiences awaits, across an array of venues in the SXSW Sydney event precinct, including the flagship games site Fortress Sydney. There’ll be the Games Showcase, where you can discover and play content from more than 150 developers from around the world, and the Tabletop Festival at the ICC, which will bring together the best of traditional, RPG, and card games. You’ll also gain entry to the XR Showcase, charity marathon stream, and the Games Awards hosted by local comedian and muso Tom Cardy.

Enjoy the next generation of creators and developers at SXSW Sydney Games Festival for five days and nights from October 18 to 22.

A SXSW Sydney Games wristband grants you with secondary access to the Games Festival.